LOVE, that is such a powerful word that is used a lot in life, some people mean it when they say it and some don’t mean it but say it anyway… when I say I love something or someone I mean it, I know this because I have this feeling inside of me. but how do you know you love someone? How can you look at another person and say you love them?? We all say we love our family and friends because we are so close to them, we care for them.. and they do the same to us. But does that define love?? If someone is kind to you and is always there for you? How do you know you have fallen in love with your other half? Some people are in a relationship for a few days and already say they are in LOVE! but others can be in a relationship for years but still can’t say they love someone with all they have..

Another love is between you and the heavenly father, the creater of this amazing world we all live in… the love we have with God is so powerful! He loves every single one of us no matter what we have done in life, he always forgives us every time, he comes to us with open arms, he will even love you even if you don’t believe in him, he stands with all of us in everything we face in life so we never go through it on our own, that’s how much he loves us. Jesus sacrificed his life for our sins, so that we can live in freedom and in peace.. he is with us in the toughest times, even of we don’t feel him with us he is still there and he will always be by our side, at the happiest times, the scariest times and the hardest times.


My Journey With God

When growing up I never really believed in god, my parents never took me to church unless it was a wedding. When someone close to me passed away I always looked up at the sky and tried to communicate with that person who passed away, I don’t really know why I did that, I just somehow though that they was listening to me and it made me feel better and closer to them when I sat somewhere no one could hear me and spoke to them. When I started my new chapter in life and started working as a live in nanny the family invited me to their church (KingsGate Community Church) so I just gave it a go and I went with them for a Sunday service. It was one of the best experiences I have had, I pictured the church so differently, I expected everyone to be sat quietly and there would be a speaker at the front, I was WRONG! this church had powerful music that spoke to you, people welcoming you, it had places for children and young people to go to so their service would be told to them differently so they could understand. After that service I cried as God had spoken to me. After that I kept finding myself going every Sunday after that. I also started a life group on Wednesdays for young adult where I met some amazing people and I made lots of friendships and the support I get from them is overwhelming, they answer all your questions as best as they can and don’t pressure you to make a decision on anything you don’t want to, they just support you along the journey for you to become closer to God and for you to have a strong/ powerful relationship with God. I have now been going to church 6 months and I would definitely say I have a relationship with God and I am at that stage where I believe everything happens for a reason and that God knows where he wants you to go in life so just believe that everything will be okay as God will guide you the right way.

Here is a little story of when I was praying to God and it has come true for me. For a very long time my mother had back problems and every time she went to the doctor or had an operation it never worked, well a few weeks ago she had another operation on her back again, I prayed for weeks before the big day and I got my life group to pray with me and God showed me a miracle, he made her better, the operation went so well that now she has no pain she is feeling like her old self, it was an amazing thing to witness what God can actually do. prayers cant happen straight away, God cant answer everyone’s prayers at once so if you wait it will happen for you too.

My Journey So Far

For a very long time I have always wanted to worked with children, it is something I am very passionate about. I have achieved my level 2 and 3 childcare certificates and many other training certificates that go along with that. I have done work experience in nurseries and even worked in some too, I have had so much experience from every nursery I have been in as no nursery will ever be the same as you will come across different staff members, different/ unique children, different parents/ carers and many other professionals that come into the settings. working with young children is a very hard/ stressful job, for an example when I worked in a nursery I remember I was in the baby room and I got left with 9 babies on my own, I had some climbing the table, some pulling baskets down with toys in and some just crying for attention, you just don’t know what to do in that moment so you panic and shout for help for you try and juggle everyone at once so it looks like you got it but in reality you don’t. But working with young children is one of the most rewarding jobs you can come across, this is because you watch the children grow from babies to young children and you feel rewarded when you as a early years practitioner teach them something, for an example when I used to work in a pre-school I had to teach my key children how to write their names so they can be ready for school and for you to watch the process of not knowing how to write to writing their name is amazing!

I am currently working as a live in nanny, I live in this family house and i look after these two beautiful children, a girl who is 4 and a boy who is 9 and these two children are so clever for their ages, its amazing. This job is great, the kids both go to school so I do the morning round and then the afternoon round so during the day if I have done all the cleaning i can carry on with my studying that I am doing, I am currently studying how to manage children’s behaviors, this course actually helps me with the job as the children can be very challenging and if I don’t know how to deal with the behavior, i can look at my study books to give me guidance. this isn’t a permanent job that i will be doing as I have goals to go further in live, this is a job where I can finish my studying, get experience and save money.

My goals in life are to open up my own nursery someday and also to travel to different countries to help less fortunate children who haven’t got the same opportunities in life like us. I am actually going to be traveling to Africa next year with my church to a place called Bulembu, it is a small town in Swaziland. We as a team will be helping the people in Bulembu to build anything they need or to fix things and just to support them anyway we possible can. helping others around you is so rewarding. in this century I see so many people putting others down or bullying others and I want to put a stop to it and make a difference and try and make this world a happier place for myself and others, we should be helping others, encouraging each other in everything we do so we can all succeed in life.